So, I'm going

Ok, yesterday, I got this document I've been waiting for from Nagoya University. I didn't open it till I reached home. I should have opened it once I got it. But I was kinda hesitating. One, I was in office. Two, I am scare to see, I really am going.

I checked it when I got home though. I mean, after I finished one chapter of Harry Potter. There are two books and few papers. After having done reading the guidebook, I feel cold. Just gotta sleep thought it was just 11o’clock. I couldn’t read anything else though I wanted to.

Goodnight (from yesterday kekeke...)


  1. ជួយ​អបអរ​ផង​។​ ហើយ​អង្កាល់​ទៅ​ បាន​ទៅ​ជប៉ុន?


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