Ratana's 23rd Birthday

As planned, we went to have dinner together at K&T Restaurant. It was damn funny meeting all of these stupid friend hahahaha... One thing that we would never ever forget is to LAUGH lolz... Each of us has owns sense of humor. Thus why, a combination of us all, you'll laugh till death hehehe... (however, i'm still survive to post pictures here kekeke...) ENJOY!

Birthday Girl

Touch and Ratana

Smey & Ratana

ME~* & Ratana

Pheak & Ratana

Lena (My cousin) & Ratana

Chhorng & Ratana

Phiworth & Ratana

Phea & Ratana

Ratana, The birthday Girl

*^#!~* we did try out best to look very gentle in all these pictures. So please say we are gentle hahahha...

No boys allowed!

Almost time to sing Happy Birthday ^_^

All-together Picture