Ladies @ KPS (Part 1)

I was the driver and the photographer. So these 3 ladies are my customers. Thanks Girls for choosing LPP's Fast Way. I hope you enjoy the ride. I am looking forward to seeing you again. Please, have a nice holiday ^_^
[chuckle] @ Yeay Mao, half way there
Finally arrived and waiting for the food
So glad that we could feel as well as to see the sea
A welcome-drink from the hotel
Took a walk and took picture
Mobile phone show

Life guard house (too bad we weren't allowed to get in)
Naturally beautiful
A restaurant by the beach. Ain't it lovely for a wedding??? So romantic~*
Now look, who's always on the phone???

Don't say that we look alike cos it's just too true lolz....

Lena's best shot for the day
I'm showing off my watch


  1. M so jealous with all of u. though i felt like i was there as well when i look at all of your pic. I do like most of your pic. Great job, u a talented lady.


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