3 AM

It's not weekend nor holiday, why would I stay till this late?

I've lost connection ages ago. We used to have it fixed but for a day or two the rain spoil it all; so, just let it be till there is no more rain lolz...

Tonight, coming back from my cousin's house, my sis asked if I wanna sleep with her. Well, after a quick thought, I said yes. We together watched Westlife concert at Wembly which I was once watched alone till midnight. It still is interesting no matter how many time have I watched. However, this is not the reason that I am still here typing these crappy writing.

Back to the internet connection, it was lost and I was unable to post pictures in blog. It pile into a mountain of pictures by now. So, I use dial up in my sister room tonight to post those I've never had a chance to do. You may find those in archive but just to make it easier I list them as below:

Hum... These are entries I've just posted today or so call to night. So you see??? That's alot for a dial up to work on that much post. Finally, Night night.