Ladies @ KPS (Part 2)

She's picking my noodle. Lovely sis ^_^

She's glad that after all she got all the food she likes in just one plate

Add [v] into our breakfast

On our way back to our room

I'm not talking about height

Still happy though we were stucked cos of the rain

In the end, we decided to take off for lunch
Big sis is immitating small sis hehehehe...
They look like a star to me

@ Koh Pos Restaurant

Cuties style from my little-in-term-of-age cousin

Working on their business

CousinzzZZzzz & 1Fr

Cute style from my twin sis and a ganster style from ME~*
See? We just like to love different style
Special TW!N

Model Girl


Dare you???

Of all the theif I've met, these two are the loveliest [J/K] Left: Watch the way; Right: Finding the tool