2nd time driving to KPS

So it was till 9.30 that we could leave the house for our lovely trip to Kompong Som. The weather was good for the first start; yet, went worst when we were half way. Everything suddenly went white and I almost lost control. Still I could receive a GOOD DRIVER from my sis when Mum asked her upon our return. It was damn tiring! However, Driving is a big Fav. of mine. For the record, I could speed up to 160Km/h. It’s gonna be a first and last time for I don’t have such a nice car to drive all the time and for it was a big risk as I was not alone in the car, plus, the road was slippery. There was a saying that going up the heel, you could never speed up to 100Km/h but well, not in my case. It was pretty cool when the speed was 100Km/h but you feel it was like 20Km/h. My regular speed was 80Km/h under the super heavy rain which finally, we arrived within 3hour and a half. It was very relaxing when we could sit there, seeing the sea, breathe the fresh air, and eat seafood. That’s all I love about KPS ^_^


  1. OH MY GOD. u reached 160????????? last time i only did 120.

  2. Yes, I did when we headed for PP cos you know, I got their trust by my slow driving on the first day hehehehe...110-120 was my regular speed of my return :)

  3. but better be careful esp wen it rains ;)

  4. Tom, well done. You have gradually improved your driving skill. However, N4 is not a safe road and conditions and 160km/h was already overspeed. Dont forget seatbelt!!!

    Playing PS2 or 360, car racing, may also help make u a good driver.

    Good day

  5. Wat... just a gal
    speed up to 160 :0

    Incredably incredable...
    Are you sure


  6. Yan: Yes, I did. My eyes were on the road all the time while driving. Didn't care to eat though i was hungry lolz...

    Kasekor: Never forget seatbelt. It makes me feel safe hehehehe... And yep, I play PS2 quite alot and while driving, I also felt like I was playing the game hehehehehe... Despite, I couldn't crash lolz... NOt even once (I should have the perfect score hahahahah...)

    Thun: It's nothing about the girl or boy. The thing is the Car... It is a reliable car hehehehe... Not 160m/h or i'll reach KPS the day after tmr hahahaha...


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