Running behind the schedule

There is this schedule that i carelessly drafted out yet was strongly intended to follow. However, I ended up failing it again and again (you know what I mean, the usual failure). For only one reason, ... (there are too many to mention, actually kekeke.. so you see? I ot mention).

So now, I'm stuck in study room and not studying because I'm busy posting in this alittle lop lop blog.

Need to go home now. Wish me luck for another bad day ^_^


  1. Well, my suggestion is you make a to do list. Should be a detailed one but not necessary to be too detailed. Sth like this.

    - Do A
    - Do B
    - Do C
    - Do D
    -D0 E
    - Do F
    - Do G

    Sth like what you need to do before 12:00, what between 12:00 and 18:00 and what after 18:00. If you do it in a notebook, you should leave some space to the right for additional remarks, if any, about each of the tasks of the day.


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