Phew!!! After some minutes, it's all done. Look what I got!

Hot hot in cooking pot hehehe...

Look so delicious te???

So, this is my first time making this dissert. For some reason, I like it alot hehehe... However, I can't find Bay Dom Nerb here. So you see? I use Bay Thomada hehehe... It taste pretty good though. I'll let my friend eat it after posting this pic cos she's waiting for me up there now hahha... Anyway, I don't know what it is called in English but in khmer it is called SongKya :D


  1. u better make it again when u back na sis...lolzz...also bongtouch..u must teach me how to cook japan food...lolzzz

  2. I would call it sankya baay sar. Lol... Cant imagine what it tastes like. Anyway, it looks not bad. Oishii kana!

  3. Wao yummy ^_^ you are just reminded me another menu for myself. FYI, there are sticky rice available in almost every super market here in Japan. It is called "Mochi Kome (餅米/もちこめ)" in Japanese. So I bet next time you'll love your dessert even more.

  4. that looks really good! i just ate sticky rice w/ durian

  5. Tov eat tov, touch touch!

    well, way back home, we can get a much better one, y bother cooking oun? And JP food ey. ot jess cook ey ma real! hahaha... u can learn at home na elen!

    Bang Phy ah! Pha oy heuy moh yay Oishi ey na!

    Thanks Bonne! I'll check it out. Will post when I found it hehe...

    Oun! Ot like Durian te.. keep it urself tov :P


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