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Few weeks ago, I had registered for a host family and just a few days ago, I got a letter informing me of my host family. However, yesterday, I got a call telling me that my host family is sick and unable to welcome me :( But that's not all, they have found me a new host family which picture is above. My host mom called me and mailed to greet me. She speaks English! Yay! Cool leh? I'm not gonna have a bad time picturing myself listening to Japanese Language which I have no idea where its head is headed to though I'll miss CSAN Bowling Champion Fall 07. Hope to have a great weekend with my host family ^_^


  1. that cool la...hope u hv a great time na sis...miss u, take care

  2. Wow, cool! But... well good or bad, hard to say for it means you wont be speaking Japanese the language you have learnt since Oct and that you will miss the great chance to practice. Lol. Ok, anyway, have fun with your host. My suggestion is to ask them to take you to as many new places as possible. haaaaa...

    Well, they look nice and happy! But... did you get their permission before posting their picture? Lol...

    CSAN Bowling Championship, Fall 07 no koto, zannen da kedo, i hope the next committee will keep this event in their action plan! Otherwise, your bowling talent will become useless here. haaa...

  3. Yo! everything sounds fantastic! I wanna see your host family as well as the CSAN Bowling Championship! Even it is not permissible for me to join but may I just go to see? hehehehe


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