Pink Vs Purple

Hello mum! I spend again. Well, don't talk about the price since it's alredy paid. But if anyone of you wanna help me then ask so, I'll be glad to tell and get the $$$ from you hehehe... So, as you see in picture, it's my newly bought racket hehe... love it cos there's pink (represent my sis) and purple (represent me) hehhe.. Aint it look so lovely together?

*** you know you have to say yes hahahaha....***


  1. lolz ... get one too! so that there's a pair. lolz

  2. Want help. Ok, so how about a loan with as low as 15% interest rate? Lol...

  3. Touch touch: There's only one pink left. Pair only if we get the blue one lolz...

    Elen: gaga again oun?

    Bang Phy: That's too kind >:P


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