3 AM

I'm still awake. It's not because my japanese test was badly done (I don't usually care about mark), not because I am lonely (my sis is sleeping here as I could still see under the light of my PC), not because I am not happy (nth to be sad since no more house chore), not because i am missing home (i just seen my mum, sis, aunty, and niece through webcam), not because of this, not because of that, and bla bla bla... I'm here for no reason. Sometimes, it's just so and so i am doing it.


  1. Oh so you stayed pretty late last night, huh?

  2. Next time try some おさけ. :-D I did that sometimes and it really helps put me to sleep.

  3. Lol... How come you're asking? You're staying together, aint ya? Lol...


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