I'm dying @_@

Right after I got home (i mean residence) I checked my mail box and was so happy to get two letters. However, i dropped my face when I found out that there is a bill. I checked it when I got in my room And look what I got! It's a shock! I'm gonna die this month. MUM HELP!!!!!


  1. hahahaha I remember the first time I got a bill from 3, the internet provider of mind. Honestly, even now evrytimes i see the bill ... I am scared to open it. lolz

  2. Lol... not bad. You'll have to get help from home or be in debt this month. Lol...

  3. gagagaga..lolzzzz.....neng....ewww....

  4. Touch touch: yep. Scare to even check mailbox now haha..

    Bang Phy: it's bad! NOT not bad te... :(((

    Elen: gagaga ey oun?


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