Increase my allowance PLEASE

I broke a cup and it cut my hand. Then I fried the chicken wing which my hand got burned with 4 dots. I wish there's a cook for me here. I'm tired of eating my Ot-delicioius food but has to cook everyday. Don't call me out cos I'm totally broke with the phone bill. Ah... the allowance should be increased! Is there any way I can do that?

Just so you know, I'm doing ok here beside the financial crisis ^_^


  1. You stay in Nagoya and complain about living expense. How about those who live in Ginza of Tokyo?

  2. Hehehe... Ot deng te, never lived in Ginza phorng :P

  3. Just a bad day. It happens to everyone. Just be more careful next time.

    Well, Singachea, just check out her bill and ya'll see. Lol... Besides, it also depends on individual persons when it comes to spending and saving. If you like spending, its likely that no matter where you are you will never save.


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