SHE's here!!!

Too excited to say a word.

Just met her for few minute before test.

Paper Rock and scissors Style hehehe...

PS: Thanks to Bang Phy for helping me picking up my sis na! Do appreciate it lolz... But pay you later cos now totally broke hahaha...


  1. I can see my both sisters so happy!!Look sweet !!miss u both!!!

  2. Lol... Not a big deal. And the longer you take to return the money, the more interest i will get, so just take your time lol...

  3. that is nice to know u have company here..

  4. Seeing u and possdey together here, I'm reminded of my little sis. Miss her much! Hope u guys enjoy the days here...

  5. The lady in the black outfit looks familiar. :-P

    To Phossdey, don't forget to take lots of photos.

  6. Yes, will do ... but i just need to get myself back on track to have a right time to post it. ;)


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