My 1st Vote

Today, waking up and feeling something is different from the other day. It is the Election day! Aww.. that sounds cool to me. I am going to vote for the first time in my life ^_^ I felt excited when I walked there, finding my name, got it checked, got a stamped paper, went to the box, checked the paper, went out, showed the stamped paper (of course, it must be folded), put my finger in the color bottle, took it out and I got a very nice color on it, a beautiful light purple which I like, and that's it! Here I come back home with my eyes on my right pointed finger all the time. The color kept changing, and now it is completely dark brown. My finger does look like a dead finger :-S However, I got sth that is all like the other. When I went out, my eyes were at people’s finger all the time. Sounds so funny but I found it interesting.

You know, when I was a BC student at IFL, everyone in class had that color on their finger, except me and my sis who were the only two that has no rights to vote -_- I felt odd and wish to know what it was like to have that. And finally, I do know now. It’s cool!

I felt it like a holiday already cos everyone gathers in my house. Had lunch together and went to farm land, pick up fruit and stuff. It was really really hot though. I felt like I was grilled. My skin was getting burn. I actually don’t wanna get out of the car already when I arrived. Despite, it was fun when all the sisters and brothers were all together doing the same stuff. I love that and you know, I just my twin sis even more. But though if she were here, she won’t go under the sun cos she will just lay down on a soft bed, cold place, and read her book, romance one, I believe. But at least, she’ll come for a click or two as a shot for the day. That’s a memory.

Ok, in short, the election day to me is nice and interesting which I like and happy with. I finally done wat citizen should do.


Kalyan said…
hehe... congrats dear to finally be a fully complete citizen :p ehehehe....