FUN @ Koh Thom

After seeing my friend off I went to Koh Thom to eat Banh Chev at my friend's collegue's house. It was nice though there were kinda little meat inside the Banh Chev lolz... So, here we go again to have fun!

My Cane Juice. It was very fresh and sweet. One glass for 500 Riel and buy one glass get one glass free hehehe... So you see? 2 glasses of Cane Juice for only 500 Riel.

Kanha (Enjoy eating Egg)
Kunthy (Enjoy drinking Cane Juice)

Cheat (the best shot for the day!)

Rath (always with good smile and style)

Bang Samay (Gentle always)

M3~* (er... whatever!)

Washing the dish together. I can't remember when I last did it. It was somehow sounds like years to me. Anyway, it was fun and that's a return for those who've cooked us Banh Chev :)

Orange Srok Khmer (Kroch Poh Sat)

Bang Samay is about to eat hehehe...

A oun bey thngey!

Eating eating...

Eak Eak hahaha...


  1. hello! tov chea mouy ke, helped with the dish pong nor? that's my sister. hahahah

  2. Umh sugar cane juice *my most favorite one* (no other juice can beat this one out from my list^_^).
    It would be nice of you if you can at lease keep the extra glass for me hahhaa... b/c it's free.

  3. SIS: Yeh, I'm good jeng sis!

    S: Can keep for you S but well, you were too late that I finished even before you tell me kekeke... Sorry na.

  4. oh..Rath is here too...girl team!..y dont u bring Nak with? yap

  5. He's in Sg lah.. how to bring him there tov?

  6. the dish cleaning picture is the best among all these pics. everyone look nice in that pic.


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