Friday Evening!

I had such a great friday evening which i can't wait to write it down.

It is usual that our firm have a drink at 4pm every friday (Friday Drink). Today is special for there is a birthday of a woman who's one month pregnant. She loves chocolate as much as I do that is why the boss sent her a 4 size of bar of chocolate. She loves it. We all wrote her a birthday card as well. It's pretty cool, isn't it? She was very happy (can tell from her wide smile on her face lolz...)

Almost the party end my BF, Nak, brought me a box of chocolate. He knows I love it that's why he gave me all hehehe... Happy to see him also cos haven't seen him quite a while (just a day is more than long already lolz...) Thanks, honey!

Next, I went home to change cos I was in office till 6.30 (as I gotta done it on time).

I, then, went to Parkway to play bowling. It was quite fun though there were only 5ppl from the firm. They are Manager, Associate, Senior, Intern, and Me, Paralegal. I at first lost misserably that my senior made a bet by giving me 20point extra. Hahaha... I win by the extra and another 1 point =)) I won a box of chocolate then. Still he wanna bet. Well, yeah! I then said yes cos I was sure that I at least got 100. with another 20 extra, I wouldn't at all have to worry. So.. again, I won!!! 2 box of chocolate await. It's gonna be shared within the firm hahahha... Cool eh?

Next, I went to my bro rest., MN Cafe, for dinner. I met my mum's doctor family there. I was so surprise to see them. But what was more, I even met DAD there. He brought his friend. He told me he met the JP embassy that evening. He told him about me also. Well, that's nice cos I'll need to apply for a visa soon. Hopefully, having heard of me first would help me get a visa easily hehehe...

I also met Phatey there. What a surprise! She was there with friends but I didn't know it was her who coming lolz... So, i greeted her and her friends. Looks like they like the place. Nice to see that hehehe.. Hopefully, she'll bring more and more of her friend there.

***Ok, waiting for your call. You really should be home by now.