Everybody's coming to JP?

It excites me when I keep hearing people saying they are going to JP. Now let me tell you about it: the first I've heard of is my cousin who is working with my big bro. They said to go for a two weeks training in JP; plus, my little cousin who would accompany her sis. Hearing such a chance, my elder sis wouldn't hesitate for she's so inlove in travelling. She at once asked if she could join the trip. Not only my sis who is interested in such a get away, my cousin friend, then said she wanna go too. A rought calculation: 5 people are going to JP.
Later at night, I got this offline message saying he's selected for Monbusho's Scholarship. He sounds excited and thanks goodness, my encouragement works for him. I'm so happy to hear this; however, I wouldn't say it's the best news for his girlfriend. But well, it's all like in my case.
Just then this morning, i got another call from my friend who is working at the same place as my brother and cousin, saying he's going to JP for 2 months training. Gosh! I'm not gonna be lonely. There are tons of family and friends who are going to JP. Despite just one reason, the ticket to my place is damn expensive! Please, whatever the thing is, make them go to see me once they landed JP land hehehe...
That's all the thing to share. Waiting to hear, who's next going to be there!
PS: (Is it you, SIS?)


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