Off Charya goes

Here we are, at the spot to say goodbye. She's the first to leave the group (NGB). Don't confuse, she's leaving for good. And soon she'll be back. However, by then, another two will be gone. We've been together for 3 years. Studied and seen one another almost everyday though our class was one or two or three times a week. As a matter of fact, we did have a study group together working on our assignment, mid term, and final. It was quite sad to never again (for at least 3 years) that we'll never been together as a group. Hopefull, by our return everybody could meet up and have fun as we had always do. With love to Charya!


Cheat & Charya

With Kunthy

With Bang Samay

M3~* and Her

With Rath

With Kanha

So happy to get the ring!

Almost in tears!

Final Goodbye!

So bad that one member was lost due to the workload she got to do as a bigger sis in the family. Poor her but well, she at least made a call. Pai Pai Charya


  1. Nah... No more shopping for so long. How to have a new one tov? But anyway, that's the shirt we bought together at Paragon, Remember? I just cut the mark when I wear it yesterday. Looks like I have plenty of new shirt to wear even I don't shop recently hahahaha...

  2. hi phors,

    i kind of run out of words when seeing all of these posts after such a long time since they were posted.

    i used to go on facebook, seeing ur profile, pics and everything, but i never went to see your personal blog. now, i'm here. even it was long time ago, i am so touched to see my departure pics, farewell pics, meeting at my house..., and esp. while reading all of your msgs to me.

    i'm so shameful to not knowing all of these.

    sorry, phors.

    but that means a lot to me.

    thank u so much, and

    i lov u.


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