Sg - Day I

It's been ages since I went to Sg; however, just tonight that I am able to post the picture. Now here you go with my trip in Sg-Day I.

On the plane

While waiting for the ladies in Changi Airport

Here they come!!!

Rooster, our friend who known through Hi5, was the one who picked us from Airport...

Bang To, showing off his bracelet

The Unbreakable Friends

On MRT (don't ask me what's that stand for... ask those in SG lah...)

On top of Vivo City

Buying Pop Corn

Movie to watch: Harry Potter the order of Phoenix

Dinner somewhere in Sg hehehe...

End of Day I


Phossdey said…
love all the shots!! put more, sis
me said…
I miss Singapore after seeing all these shots! :)
Happy Always said…
MRT = Mass Rapid Train...heheh