Sg - Day II

"HEY Taxi!!!" said him.

Waiting for Taxi

See the water at the back? They flash the slide on and we see water going upward hehehe...

Too tired to walk (poor them lolz...)

Street food but very delicious lolz...

View around Clarke Quay

The special thing about C-Clinic

Just in case you don't notice, the ladies are sleeping hahahha... it was around 3AM

End of Day II


  1. C-Clinic? What is it? It looks like a dreadful place. lol

  2. by the way, love the first pic! He looks a real pretender ... hahahahaha

  3. phossdey, it's a place where people get an injection :p
    haha, well, through mouth anyway. The waitress are nurse there :p

  4. hey! cool side! used to see in hi5 yeah...


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