Sg - Day IV

Sentosa, here we come!

On our way to Sentosa from Vivo City. I find it nice for we could shop till the last minute then went straigh to the station, buy ticket, get on the train, and there we are, at sentosa hehe...

Gang! from the distant!

A place wehere we didn't eat hahahaha...

Why a pole?

Crying cos just lost one phone... Poor Rooster!
(only at that time cos just a day after, he got a new and better one lolz...)


Walking back and forth waiting to check the place after all gone; however, we couldn't find it. Everywhere there is dishonest ppl!

Waiting to see the Song of the Sea!

Beach Station.

Beautiful, isn't it?

A closer look.

Two tickets for you and me hehehe...

Song of the Sea Stage.

SO.... this is US = U + M3~*


  1. it's a new sentosa! nothing like i went there. i should check it out again.

  2. by the way, the lost shot is ice-cream (cool and sweet) kekeke


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