No more going to HK for some reasons. So headache. Why couldn't people take it easy and you know, RELAX. Problem is everywhere. It could happen any time. Solution will be here later. Just wait and that's all. Be calm and Urgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plan is subjected to change, anyway.


  1. Nth gonna change na sis, i hope...
    Sorry i make everyone difficult (@_@)

  2. awww... come on sis! It's nth about u. The thing is I aint meant to go to HK lolz...

  3. He...he...

    Take it easy....Phors

    U will still have lots of chance..

    How is life there?

  4. take life easy.. wheneve v free let go to play bowling.. v still young don be so complicate na Dear.. ok Miss you


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