From Kompot to Kean Svay

The plan was made to be going to Kompot and spending the night at the lake where the view is more than beautiful; however, it changed lolz... It turns out that we could only go to Kean Svay due to no Cook hhahahaha...

Below are pictures taken on that day :)

Pheak and Samphy

Patric and Mony

M3~* and the other while shopping for food.

Lok Ta was singing A Yay... I spend quite a sum for him but I would never give a Riel for beggar for you know, begga do nothing beside asking. Unlike this old man who tries to work for his living... See the difference?

M3~* and the fruit behind.

These are The Best Club friends. They are not my classmate but we are in the same club study for years. I couldn't imgaine myself doing that at the time. You know me, never been hardworking but I was the leader hahaha... Can say, it is the only group I lead and did make the best of it. Now, there are 3 of us pass the scholarship, one working for the Ministry and the rest are working for some law firm and other business company...
From left to right: Pheak, Pisey (non-member), Sinith, Patric (teacher and Lawyer from US), Samphy, Mony (non-member), M3~*

One last shot before leaving.

We had a great time! Thanks to everybody to have made the day joyfull ^_^


  1. She's gone to JP and never inform me :-( Not until now :-((

  2. she is now studying Japanese in Osaka..soon, she will come to study her major in Kobe it?..oh..the guy standing on the left( the first one) is her bf? i guess so..hehe.maybe am

  3. You mean Pheak??? Heard of sth unusual about him to her but is this really true that they are bf and gf??? I mean gosh! How come they never tell me??? lolz...

  4. 世の中には食べ物、カネなどに困っている人間が数多く存在しています。恵まれている人は恵まれない人を助けるべきです。金持ちでも乞食でも皆人間ですから、助け合うのは当たり前です。もし私たちは互いに助け合うことが出来れば、もう少し素敵な世になるのではないか、私は思っています。

  5. In the world there are many people who have problem with food, money and etc. The rich people should help the poor people. Even though rich man, poor man, beggar..., we are human, we must help each others. If we can do like this, I believe the world will be wonderful, don’t you think?

  6. No, not me. Lol. Samphy's here not there in the pic. Lol.

  7. oh noo not him..i confused houey nah..he is not her bf guy whom i dont know...anyway, i will know when she comes to study at my university next year..!..keek

  8. Hey Samphors! When exactly did you have this wonderful trip? Why was I left out of the Best Club?

  9. Phat, I think you left without saying goodbye too lolz... You never be left out man!


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