Going to HK?

Destination: HONG KONG
People: 9 People
Departure date: September 1, 2007
Arrival date: September 4, 2007
Period: 3nights 4 days

Expense in detail:
Air Ticket: 310 (return ticket)
Tax: 18
Visa: 30
Hotel: 100 (for 3 nights in a share room)
Taxi: 20 (back and forth from Airport. That also share)
Disney Entry: 80 (for 2 days)
Food in Disney: 80 (for 2 days)
Food outside Disney: 70 (for 2 days)
Train: 20

TOTAL: 728 US$

Anyone wanna help with the budget?


  1. nope, hahahaha by the way, who are those 9 people?

  2. Oh... Bad you sis!

    They are ME, Nak Bang, Bee, Bang Phoung, Lena, Bang Mey, Bang Peth, and 2 other friends of Bang MEY.

  3. Why don ask me to join too...

    ha.. kidding..anywhere with Bang Phoung isn't fun.. kidding again.

    enjoy it..

    better bring 1000$...cuz u wil need to buy present fro friends at least for parents right ..hahahah..

  4. Ewww...cat help u either na sis, by the way, hv u own da harry potter book 7th yet bong tom?

  5. Not yet ta...hehe...but papa said he ll buy for me..m looking forward now!!He ll be back home this 23rd ;p


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