It happen when you are mad. I'm not saying that you are but you here means me, you know what i mean? Damn it! I wish I hadn't been dragged out of bed talking and then was left thinking and thinking, finally, I know I wanna go home. SHIT! I hate being such a chick. You know it's never been easy to be left alone dealing things on your own. They say, what's the problem? You are way too fine to have one. Come on, gimme a break. Let me live, I wanna go back to sleep. Anyway, a day won't kill. But who knows? Death is on the edge. DUH!


  1. aww... come on, u know i'm not! I dont come here when i'm mad lolz...

  2. Yeah, agree with you, Yan. lolzzzzz Alright, she's not mad. That's good!


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