Congrats to ME~*

Congrats to me, my twin, cheat, charya, phors touch, kompheak, rasmey, laong, soriya, molyka, joyce, beck, phea, vichet, pheak, phea, sinith, samphy, vansok, huy, satya, vann, vanny, sros, ... and all in my batch RULE 06.

Finally, the day that we all had been waiting for arrived.


  1. Oh yeah, you don't have to say it more than one, Nak. That's so disappointed enough not to be able to get it. Never mind, few of friends did not make it too. hahahhahaha Congratulation to all of us!

    Sis, mine is not blue and red. It's probably another color. Will check it!

  2. We got it, babe! It was almost 2years till now since we done the job in school.

    Sis, yours is gold and green, if my memo is still good hehehe...

    Thanks Y@N... HUG vinh hehe...

  3. Congratulation to both of u!!
    Also thx for the ceremony to give me a break for a whole day and connect wit queen's birthday . i hv long break..hahahhahaa

  4. Ohh luck you, Elen!

    By the way, sis, how do you know it's a golden and green. That's not a bad color, but I still prefer the pink one. hahahaha

  5. oppp, not Queen! But King!lolz...hahahahaaa


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