Goodbye My Dear Desk

For the past few weeks since I moved to new home, I come to study room almost every day except those days that I don't come haha... because there's no internet connection at home (ohh... poor me). But from tomorrow onward, there will be connection at home, more specifically, in my room, where I can sit comfortably on my newly bought chair and put my laptop on my own set up table or lay lazily on my again own set up bed connecting myself to the world. So you see, I have to say goodbye to this messy desk in my study room. Don't tell me to tidy up, it has became my junk food trunk now hahaha... Alright, that's all.


  1. kekeke...rite rite agree wit bongtouch...lolz

  2. hahaha, i totally agree with you. and that is ok, Right? we can visit our desk sometime for one or two minutes. Ricky


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