Foresee Wedd

Not mine, of course. It's my cousin, this time. June 19, isn't it ELEN? Well then, I wanna fly home. I wanna be there. I wanna see her smile. I wanna be her witness. I wanna tell her, I'm more than happy to see her one in a life time day is coming....


  1. oh nice.. congrats :-)

    love the drawing too looks like another familiar couple, not ur cousin n hers.

    u know who that couple is, haha the new short hair and hte familiar middle parted hair :p

  2. Did Yan actually think that you had a hair cut? lolz

    And now now now ... what should we do about the wedding?

  3. rite, it ll 19 June, but not 100% sure, but i think its should b :D


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