Graduation Pic

We studied together in ELBBL class. But this is not ELBBL graduation.
Left to right: S.o I don't know, Kunthy (ros), Kanha (gonna see each other soon), Charya (Pao Pao), Kunthy (kaun hing), Bang Samay (big sis), Rath (Pe Pe), and Virak (Ping Ping) hahahaha....

Class: L1-4A3 2002-2006
These are guys I'd stucked in class with for four years in a row.
Left to right: Forgot the name, Phea (studied club together), Joyce (my favorite male friend. A total hilarious guy. Never been tired of smiling and joking around. Despite, he never take advantage of women but for friendship alone), don't remember the name, Rath (lady killer), don't remember, don't remember (but he's very funny too)


  1. Congratulation to them!!! And as well as to us. kekekeke

  2. I just realize that Virak just got a ror has'nam nig ke, Ping Ping...hahhaha


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