Museum Meiji-Mura

On our way to Museum Meiji-Mura

Arrived at Main Gate

Sth I don't know

Prof. and Students

Ricky, our presenter ^+^ You know you did a great job! Thumb up!

Shimbashi Factory of the Japan Railway Bureau and the Imperial Carriage of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken

Lamp of Nijubashi Bridge, Imperial Palace

I dress the girl with the hat and Cheat dress the man in girl dress hahhahaha...

Wanna get your shirt iron?

Ball room, I suppose


A lady get in...

two guys get out hahahaha...

The rain was falling too hard, I need to call s.o to pick me up hehe...

Kitasato Institute

Dine together?

On my way to the church

Infront of Imperial Hotel

Sth I don't know hehe..


It was too cold outside that we have to get in this beautiful and and ancient hotel, Imperial Hotel

Waiting and listening to the music

He played very good. Didn't know what that called in Japanese but it's quite simimlar to Tror, one of Khmer Music Instrument

As always, we ended up taking the last shot, this All together one
Access to Meiji-Mura from Nagoya
Via Car About 45mns
From Meitetsu-Nagoya station, take the Meitetsu Inuyaman line to Inyama station, and then get on the bus running to Meiji-Mura
Admission fees
Adult 1,600Yen
Senior (65 and older) 1,200Yen
High School Student 1,000Yen
Elementary/Junior high school student 600Yen
*Admission is FREE fro elementary and junior high school student EVERY SATURDAY
Opening hours
March - October 9:30 -17:00
November - February 9:30 - 16:00
Closed dates
December 31 and every Monday: December through February
Location: 1 Uchiyama, Inuyama city, Aichi
Telephone: 0568-67-0314
Fax number: 0568-67-0358


  1. all da pictures!The Railroad look great, wait a mintue, u didnt cut ur hair!!lolzz..hahahhaha

  2. Yeah, finally people found out. Anyway, love the place a lot. Everything to do with ancient thing is just so appealing to me.

  3. Thank TOM! you know i forget my sentence in the presentation. that is great change at that time there is a good sentence: the ending is the also beginning or the beginning is also an ending. it refers to the transformation of that time, and also other time. Big thank, Ricky


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