Lonesome in Sakae

Right after I got the allowance, I went to Sakae for a walk not to shop hehehehe... (I'm in the process of saving lolz...) And well, I just happen to have the cam with me and so, I took few picture along the way. Enjoy!

I got out at Central Park and then walked a few step and cross a few road, I found this place.

It's just around the corner.

Favorite road for window shopping hehehe...

Was trying to take picture but the wind was kinda strong, it blew my hair over my face. Look a little stupid here haha...

And this one, consider the best shot after all the hardwork hahaha...


  1. Did I get to go there, sis? It looks so fresh at the moment. Guess I should pay another visit, ne?

    Your hair looks funny, but still ka-cute. lolz...

  2. You did, sis! You were there more than once lah... But yeah,should come here again hehehe...

  3. if you dye your hair, i can't recognize you .. u looked so japanese.... my dear


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