A must-say

Being grown up never been easy. I have chosen many wrong paths to walk but always, there is you who brought me back on track. And with the right pace, you cheer to support. I am thankful for all the good you have given me with the pleasure from your heart.
But this couldn't stop me from being hurt when you know that you have chosen the wrong doing; yet, still going forward. You probably know or you might not know that the fact of your act prove you wrong. It cause not only me in pain but the rest that matters to you. Or is it no longer a matter to you? I doubted and dare not ask.

Years gone by and the fact that I thought you probably had acknowledged my pain is still a mist. So I hereby promising myself to act on my behalf and all, I have to say and let you know how we truly feel. You shall know that it's not easy to love you and hate you at the same time.