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Picture taken on the escalator, Nagoya Daigaku station.
With 600Yen, I found my way to Hoshigaoka, Nagoya Station, Motoyama, and back again to Nagoya Daigaku Station. I couldn't get all the needed stuff but most of them are in hand now. I planned to go to Jusco, Yagoto, too but it was a little late. So I decided to come back home.

I earned 320Yen, didn't I?


  1. i guess SOCHEAT accompany you.kakaka! enjoy life here na! take care your health too, my dear friend.

  2. where did you get 320$ from? hehe, (confused)

  3. You know what, if you had me there, we don't have to worry to get home early ne!

  4. Hieng, I was alone. And shopping is one good exercise also. Isn't it? Hehehe...

    Dom, I'm sorry to confuse you hehe but the thing is usually with one time pass ticket the price is below
    Nagoya Diagaku --> Hoshigaoka = 200Yen
    Hoshigaoka --> Nagoya Station = 260Yen
    Nagoya Station --> Motoyama = 260Yen
    Motoyama --> Nagoya Diagaku = 200Yen
    But with one day pass, which I had it in my hand in photo, I can get in and out, go there and there, as much as i want with only 600Yen.
    See the 320Yen now? Hehehe...

    Sis, if you were here, we wouldn't worry to come home late but we'd sure worry to keep the account alive hahahahaha... Can't wait to shop with you in Sept, Yay! \^_^/

  5. Oh.. Dom, it's Yen not $. 320Yen = 3.20$ only lolz...

  6. hahahaha you are right, sis! I guess we need to write a bigger report for dad so that we can get a bigger budget,ne? lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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