Second day in a row that I couldn't put myself to bed and stay until 5 again. It's been almost a week that I have slept no later than 4AM. I am tired but I couldn't put myself into bed. Unlike any other time, I love to see sunlight. I feel secure that I could still see it. It's beautiful. It's bright. And this beautiful bright light of the sun is a new day for me.


Unknown said…
oh, don't study so hard ne, a lots of assignment, i know. anyways, i like the post about love, it attract me. thank for sharing.
Random Blogger said…
y no comments allowed on the previous post :p

anyway, i guess u stay up late jus to blog :p hahaha

I love you, too ^_^ and go to bed early na. It is ok not to stay late to think of me... u should care more of your health. so yeah hahahah