Two good things in a day!

I don't know why this year I happen to have many surprises. Usually, when it comes to my birthday, I knew that friends would give me gift and so, I was never been really surprised by anyone or anything. I always predict what is going to happen. What is people going to give me. And well, this year I also do. But somehow, I just feel this surprise in my chest.

I've seen it once in your blog, Yeng.
Finally, it's in my hand now *muahahahaha...*
ThANKS ne~~!!!

Cheat cooked for our birthday celebration. Chinese tradition is to eat noodle on our birthday in order to have long life as the noodle is. So, I was so full. It was more than just full, if you know what I mean. I had to walk here and there in order to make myself feel better hahaha... this is too much eating. But look, she got this tasty soup, and Teok Seang lolz... who can help to stop when it's still there?


  1. ow did i eat noodles on my bd? hmmm...

  2. Did you get her anything, sis? lolz It is so sweet of her. ^_^

  3. One more thing, is one of the presents for me? :D

  4. Yeah, she's a good friend esp to me hehehehe... I'm her big sis, U know hahahahah... ( don't tell her or she'll dak me mah pork lov heuy hahaha...)

    Sis, shhhhhh it's a secret :P


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