Unconscious Exercise: Walking

Have you noticed this? You gotta pull yourself out of bed and walk to have your face washed every morning. You would walk again to the kitchen to have your breakfast. Then you would walk back to have your dishes washed. Next, you would walk to have shower, brush your teeth, and dress to school. You walk to do every little thing in your room/home. You do this unconsciously. You wouldn't know how many step have you made through walking, the thing is you walk.

In some other time, you even run as you were rushing for class. I don't suppose it happen to everyone but it mostly happen to me (lolz). This is more than just walking but ok, you are doing it unconsciously.

Now, why do we need to play badminton, bowling, or go jogging while we can actually do the exercise everyday at home and school? Hehehe... this is just anther excuse for being lazy to go for a real exercise. But come on, I walk a lot since I come here. Sometimes, I walk 3 or 4 rounds a day from home to school and from school back home. It takes me at least 7minutes. So, I guess that sum up to a good time of exercise hehe... Ciao.


  1. your post keep me laughing with agreement. i now know the reason why you are not participate in badminton club every Tuesday evening. however, i wish you would join with us sometimes for it is not just for only exercise, but for fun and meeting people. oh, i may think of walking to school sometimes, if ...


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