A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers

Stupid English, funny characteristic, and very relax while reading it.

Bought when I was on my way home. Finished when I was unable to connect to internet at home. Period.


  1. i sound interesting and it looks attractive to me!

  2. wow, change ur new template already!!! hehe looks nice... hmm, recommended to read???

  3. Hieng: Attracted by the word LOVER???

    Icebreaker: I don't know if posting means recommending but if you have the same interest as mine, give it a try ;)

    Touch: I didn't notice is when I brought it to the cashier lah...

  4. I actually thought this was a dictionary. I'm so buying it even if it means i have nothing to save for this month! Sounds like an awesome book.


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