My weekend

My first Converse
I went shopping on Saturday since 11AM till 10PM. I was exhausted. And this shoes is one of the thing I bought.

Even when I was damn tiring, I fried rice for dinner. And right after that I baked cookie till 3AM. As seen is the result.

I can't remember when was the last time I went to play bowling. Anyway, this is just another time that I start to wanna go out again and the result was dol ka kor lolz...


CHAN Sokyeng said…
The shoes look so cute! No shopping and bowling for quite a long time. Not sure if I can enjoy summer break. =(
Did enjoy the time last night!
sun said…
i want to eat that care! oh, about the lost, don't worry, wait to win big price. hahaaha. nice shot of shoes.
TSoliny said…
What a lovely shoes and cute cookies, dear! It looks yummy (*_*)
this shoes is for woman? no for man. yes nice shoes
$V3TL3N@ said…
love ur shoes,buy one for me, cant buy anything here in paris. Damn expensive, just a small bowl of steam rice is $4-5 . Aww
Phossdey said…
hahahaha poor you, Elen. That's Paris la. Anyway, the shoes are cool. Love the cookies, especially. Bring here, can you?