Friday, June 13, 2008

Haruna, My tutor

So far, I've complaint alot of my tutor. It was my first male tutor. But now I got another new one. She's just a very cute Japanese girl. I like her since I realize, my tutor is a girl haha... Gender discrimination. But anywya, Look what she got me when I told her of my birthday! A cupcake she baked. Lovely, isn't she?
Note: It was with my two good things in a day... Guess i should have made it 3 good things in a day hehehehe....


sun said...

it should be 4 good things in a day. i guess you don't go to your study room. why not check it now, today?

Kenno said...

Female tutor? How exciting!
I've never had a tutor in my life.

Happy Belated Birthday!!

Phossdey said...

Not yet belated Kenno! It is on the 15th of June.

Sis, she is so sweet. ^_^ Want the cup cake too.