Early Birthday Party in Nagoya

For the first time, I have the one-for-all-birthdy-party-for-baby-in-June in Nagoya. It was a surprising one. They didn't give at all a clue to us, more precisely, I knew nothing of the birthday party beside the celebration for Bang Panhha.

Once in a while, I am ignorane of their love. Sorry guys! I am not good with word when it comes to real thing. I wished to say thanks in a more sincere way in the party, but I failed it. Even so, I now dare to tell how thankful I am to be treated such in such a great ...(I can't find the right word). Just so you know, I am touched (it's the only word that I can think of at the moment).

Well, instead of showing how the party was celebrated, I'll show who are the participant with a little comment from me ^_^

Bang Panhha
Congrats and Happy Birthday

Me and My twin in Nagoya, Bang Samrach and ME~*
Happy Birthday to US!

Happy Birthday

Ah Pork, ah oun bey days lolz...
Happy Birthday

My cake ^^_^^

Birthday Girls

Bang Hun
Big thanks for the place, food, effort, and love. Frankly, I don't like you act all the time but I love you all the time.

Bang Huy
Congrats for your new job!

Bang MormMoun (Sorry if I spell your name incorrectly)
You made one girl be in joy. Thanks for proving us that you are the man!

Bang Neth
You always cheer the environment around you

Bang Pheap
You are just like your name hehehe...

Bang Pheara
Newly known but you are such an easy going person to get along with

Bang Phy
Thanks again for the early gift

Bang Savuth
You are quiet

Bang Teang
Thanks for the hug :)

Bang Veara
Sorry to eat first and thanks for the extra food you helped to buy. You made the party sambo ho hea lolz...

You didn't rap in the party tonight

Ricky, Mr.Love, and RedMan... anything else?

The boss lolz...

Too full and got lazy to joke around this time


Good at HEK chicken haha...

Should really becareful, your red jean might be lost someday. You know RedMan is here hahahaha...

Always move around that I couldn't find a shot with you stay steady. That's why I have to crop this from another pic lolz...

Look! It's Yellow and Orange. Colorful!
Thanks for the cake. I know you and bang hun must have discussed alot for the party. You did a great job girl! Just as you always are ne!

All together (without flash)

All together (with flash)


  1. oh, wonderful, interesting, lovely, great.

  2. wow, u're so thoughtful, remember everyone's name! hahah!!! that's good...

  3. Good to see everyone's here :) realized that I know bang Pheara too. Send my regards to her too if you meet her next time, Phors.

  4. Don't think Bang Panhha was also born in June. Been thinking about how to suprise u guys, so Bang Panhha was the best party theme! So sorry for Cheat; didn't know she's also a June baby. Anyway, did enjoy the party;most of us were there. Big thanks to Bang Hun, our great sister!!!

    PS: love Cheat's and your singing!!!

  5. unfair! y m i the only one in here :-( i wish i were in JP :D

  6. hahaha Yan, let's me move there together ne?

    Miss them a lot, sis! And I wish I could be there to. You are lucky to have all of them. It is such a wonderful time. :)

  7. ladies girls i have clearer photo, if u need can sent u!! Anyways nice photo for all together.


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