Get away Plan

June 14: Arrival (PP)
10.35 - Depart Nagoya
14.35 - Arrive Bankok
17.30 - Depart Bankok
18.45 - Arrive Phnom Penh

June 15: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TOUCH & TOM (Back to Sunday, the day we were born)
Morning: Oudong (Gift Donation?)
Afternoon: Shopping (Ambre?)
Evening: Birthday Dinner (Taking back the gift?)
June 16: Monday
Bring Mum der leng (don't know tha tov na yet)
June 17: Tuesday
Der leng with sis and bro (Shoppig, bowling, and Karaoke?)
June 18: Wednesday
Saut Mon

June 19: Thursday
Bang Mey's Wedding

June 20: Friday
Metting Friends
June 21: Saturday

June 22: Sunday
June 23: Departure (PP)
19.45 - Depart Phnom Penh
20.50 - Arrive Bangkok

June 24: Arrival (NGO)
00.20 - Depart Bangkok
08.00 - Arrive Nagoya
10.30 - Coporate Law (Cancelled ^_^)
13.00 - WTO
16.30 - International Law

***Miss 5classes: Coporate Law, WTO, International Law, PSI, Jurisprudence
***Luckily, Academic Writing class has to be cancelled
***See you when I'm back to Nagoya ^_^


  1. Sis, a little change! Another donation time on Monday. Tiring (groan)

  2. u finally here! I finally hear ur voice! but not yet see ur face :) see ya tmr morning sis, n gonna see u again tmr evening! ur birthday!! Happy birthday bongtouch n bongtom!!!


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