Early BD Gift

I plannd not to talk about this. I thought a quiet one would do me good. But every time June arrives, I'm excited and couldn't stop thinking about it.

Today, the bell rang. Mr. Postman was at the door. Yay! Another delivery for me~! Taking the box with wonder, opening it with wonder, but smile with no wonder!

Thanks bang phy! Your gift cheers up my days though I know there are pagesssssssssssssss to be read lolz....


  1. is it a story book? the author name sound fimilar wit some books i used to see ^^

  2. Used to see or not used to read te eh, elen? Gagagaga... ot na pha, pha oy pha oun eng hahahaha... It's a novel, anyway ^_^

  3. lolz...seriously ! I figure out that Author now! I hv three series books!!lolz..Not yet read, hmm...But the Host! hmm, i think i really use to see it..lolz

  4. Hold on! Let's me show off mine too.


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